Friday, May 1, 2009


Today I head for Wild Horse, the idyllic place in the country that is the new home of Wendy and Glenn and Theo. It's on 23 acres, which is tremendously exciting to me--the old city girl. Well, a lot of it is hills but no matter.

It was probably built in the fifties. Jerry says it needs at least $100,000 worth of work but that it has a beautiful footprint. Floor to ceiling windows in the livingroom and diningroom bring in the outside; you feel like you're in a treehouse.

I'm not sure they have anything but dial-up at Wild Horse, so reading will be the preferred occupation. I hope to begin planning the blog for the Turnabout Shop. Other than that, I hope to continue working on RUN and reading some pages for a writing buddy.

How do you plan a blog for a thrift store? I don't plan on posting more than once a week so I need to be sure I've got it organized to take advantage of that. I laid awake some last night and found myself thinking about using labels, which I don't use at all on my personal blog but that somehow seem critical for Turnabout. The question is, what labels?

I'm going to run through a few possibilities: Antiques and Special Doodads; Jewelry; Books; Designer Clothes; Back Room Catch-All. FLASH!!! for truly special items that have just come into the shop and must be posted immediately. I will have to reinstate my camera. I discovered this morning that my iPhone was being difficult about emailing photos to my email address, so the camera has to come with me and it has to work.

One of my writing buddies, Kerri, has a puzzle every Friday on her blog. I like the idea of having a specific direction for the blog on specific days but if I'm only posting once a week? How do I deal with that? Maybe I post on successive days: the first post on Monday, second a week later on Tuesday, third a week later on Wednesday etc. That way maybe I assign a label to a specific day: Mondays I do Antiques and Doodads; Tuesdays Jewelry; Wednesdays Books; Thursdays Designer Clothes; Fridays Back Room Catch-All.

I have a problem going to Wild Horse which I'm still puzzling with. Plato is a big dog; he weighs all of 70 pounds. I am now hobbling around and cannot walk him. Sunday shouldn't be a problem as Glenn will be there but tomorrow he's going to a conference so it's up to me. Wendy is seven months pregnant; it's out of the question for her to walk him. I'm sure I'll figure it out; it's just that letting this nutty dog out on 23 acres where a mountain lion was sighted within ten feet of the house last winter... No, I don't think we can let the old Plato roam.


PerfectMomentProject said...

isn't it amazing how you just FALL IN LOVE with nieces and nephews?
Life of Riley

Kerri said...

I had no idea Plato was so big. Do you have a fenced in yard? Maybe a neighborhood kid who'd walk him a few times a day?
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. It's really good to be away from the Internet every now and then.

marsh to the fore said...

Thanks for your comment, Kerri! I had a wonderful time and I even managed to walk Plato! I discovered early on that he was nervous being out in the country (all the crickets?) and stayed close by me without having to be on a leash. They have a extremely long driveway which I found worked fine for a short walk.

I slept a lot. Wild Horse is so tranquil it invites naps!