Monday, May 4, 2009


I got back from Wild Horse yesterday. I loved being there. Glenn fixed pancakes and bacon. Bliss.

I took some pictures, one of which I'm using on this post. I found it impossible to catch the feeling of being in a treehouse. I ended up not taking my camera but depending on my iPhone after all. Still, I think I got some pretty good pictures.

One of the things I noticed is how much I was sleeping. I slept into 9:30 the first morning and 10:00 the next. I never do that at home so that in itself was different. Even at that I found myself groggy and fighting going back to bed a lot of the day.

I puzzled about that and then I think I finally got it. It was the quiet. The house has no forced air furnace. They have no dishwasher. Mostly you hear the birds.

If you live in the city like I do you never are free of noise. Right now I hear the whistle of a train. The forced air furnace is going because it's cold here today. Clocks tick. We have wood floors and they creak when they're walked on. A lot of us no longer read the newspaper. We turn on the TV and get our news from that. We live in the midst of noise.

I love all that noise, really; it's what I'm used to. Some people can't stand going to a really large city like New York because of the noise. There it really goes into overtime. Still, it's nice to have the quiet once in awhile.


Heidi said...

What a beautiful place!

Funny, I am more and more a quiet person. I used to have to have the stereo or the TV on, the window open to hear the traffic, etc.

Since having kids, especially those early years when it was 24/7, I relish the quiet.

I'm glad you had a blissful time!

Heidi the Hick said...

I know what you mean about quiet. I crave it. Seems silly for someone who loves loud music but other than that I need artificial noise to go away.

It's been hard living in town for most of the last 17 years. Instead of road noise and bugs and animals, I get non-stop street noise and other car doors and voices. Lawnmowers, snowblowers, sirens, school buzzers.

Sometimes I need to go out into a pasture field and stand there listening to the grass.

Your picture is pretty special I think: slightly surreal. Glad you had a relaxing time there. (Do they live there now?)

Heidi the Hick said...

Ah- just answered my own question! It sounds wonderful out there!!

marsh to the fore said...

To The Two Heidi's:

Yes, it was blissful there. I am so used to noise I found that a little difficult but I can sure understand carving quiet. I think if you have quiet the really special city noises come through with more meaning.

Yeah, it's their new home, although Wendy owns it with her mother so it's not all there's.