Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have been lax in my blogging lately and find I miss it. Everything has settled in, although David still creeps in around the edges. Yesterday a new front window was installed. As a result, the foreman on the job, whose name is John, was going in and out frequently. At one point he called out to me: "Marcia...." The rest is lost to me because of what happened next, which was strange. I thought instead of John's voice I heard David calling out to me, David saying "Marcia....". David had a very identifiable voice, not a particularly welcoming voice and I thought I'd never hear it again. I thought to myself at that moment how I wasn't even sure I remembered exactly how he sounded. I am sure I was somehow transmitting my memory of his voice to that moment but still it was strange.

Nothing else strange happened. The rest of the day went the way of most days. I fixed dinner. Jerry and I watched a movie, which turned out to be wonderful--a movie based on a play by Neil Simon called "The Sunshine Boys." It featured Woody Allen and Peter Falk as a couple of crotchety old men. Woody was not Woody in the film. Woody was a crotchety old man. Jerry really enjoyed it and I enjoyed hearing him laugh--at times, almost uncontrollably. It was typical Neil Simon material and totally wonderful.

This weekend I get to spend with my grandson. Oh, and yes, with his Mommy and Daddy. Jerry is flying to Chicago for a reunion with his fraternity. I thought about going but decided sitting for five hours on an airplane was not going to be fun. Instead I get to spend a wonderful two days at Wild Horse.

Lately I've felt like I was being put out to pasture by Theo. Monday I took care of him, which I do frequently on Monday's. I sat down with him on the couch and set him up with Thomas The Train. He then proceeded to make it clear by impatiently pointing at a chair across from the couch that he wanted me to sit there. This had happened the previous Monday as well. I'm not easily hurt so I just grinned to myself at the weirdness of the request and moved. The same thing happened to Jerry when he walked in. Somehow Jerry and I have become unfamiliar to Theo which makes Theo uncomfortable. I don't know what will happen this weekend because I will almost certainly find myself taking care of him once again. I can't be sent to the usual chair as that will be unavailable.

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