Tuesday, June 23, 2009


OK, guys, this is where it is these days: Glenn, exhausted, Theo on his chest, asleep in a chair. You can get a peak at our new patio out that window. New grandson could be born at any time and Glenn, like a good husband and Daddy, is taking our little dynamo places to try to wear him out and give Wendy a chance to rest.

I know--an overdose of cute. I just wish the picture was better!

We are pretty much finished with the landscaping but, sob, no picture does it justice! At least not yet. I'm still trying but all I'm able to come up with so far is a picture of a fortress and that won't do at all.

Glenn is now back to teaching in the community college. When new grandson, Nicholas, makes his appearance I'll be staying with them at Wild Horse and then I'll be the one asleep in a chair with Theo asleep on top of me!


Brit said...

I love it! Too cute for words! Good luck on the new babe!

marsh to the fore said...

Yeah, I love it too. I snuck up on them when they were sleeping and snapped it. One advantage with having another blog where I take a lot of pictures--the camera's always close at hand!

Thanks for the wish for good luck! Always appreciated!

Kerri said...

That photo is too precious. If only we can keep them like this forever.

marsh to the fore said...

I love it how Theo is hugging Glenn.

Sometimes we're just there at the right time!

Heidi Yantzi said...

Peace and contentment! Well deserved.

Heidi said...

Too cute!! I have photos of Ian sleeping on Todd like that. There is something incredibly peaceful and right with it.

The calm before the storm, right?

marsh to the fore said...

Peace and contentment--maybe. I think Glenn was too tired, poor guy--although he loves his little guy to pieces, so maybe you're right. Certainly Theo must have felt that.

Yes, peaceful and right! So true!
And the calm before the storm. Oh yes.

They actually slept an hour and a half in that position--believe it or not! Glenn woke up for a milisecond and then went back to sleep!