Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have found myself very emotional today as a friend of mine is dying. In doing something very mundane, I came across this poem, which has entered into my soul and given me comfort. May it do the same for others of you who are grieving.

The Blue Rim of Memory by Denise Levertov

The way sorrow enters the bone
is with stabs and hoverings.
From a torn page
a cabriolet
approaches over the crest of a hill,
first the nodding, straining head of the horse
then the blind lamps, peering;

the ladies within the insect eagerly
look from side to side awaiting the vista—
and quick as a knife
are vanished. Who were they? Where is the hill?
Or from stoked fires of nevermore
a warmth constant as breathing hovers out
to surround you, a cloud of mist
becomes rain, becomes cloak, then skin.

The way sorrow enters the bone
is the way fish sink through dense lakes
raising smoke from the depth
and flashing sideways in bevelled
It's the way the snow
drains the light from day but then,
covering boundaries of road and sidewalk,
widens wondering streets
and stains the sky yellow
to glow at midnight.


JKB said...

Oh, I can't beieve I missed this. We talked about it in email, but....

****HUGGGGG****** from me and Soeren and the kittehs. I'm so sorry for you!

Although it is a seriously beautiful poem.

marsh to the fore said...

Glenn told me about the poet. She is one of the most respected poets in the United States and I never heard of her. Oh well. I have now. I think it's so strange and so wonderful that I found it totally by accident when I was suffering the most with the news of Kay's illness. The poem is signed by the poet, Glenn doubts that it's worth much, but I am totally in love with it. It reaches down somewhere deep inside me and gives me something I need. This has not been an easy six months.