Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I happened to have a frustrating experience yesterday and thought to myself--it's all those silver cars.

Do you realize how many silver cars there are these days? It used to be silver cars were so special you'd have to pray yours wouldn't get stolen. My husband and I have a silver car, every blessed person we meet has a silver car.

What I did is walk toward the passenger seat of a silver car thinking it was mine but of course it wasn't. The woman at the controls of the car was busy reading or some such thing, and didn't even look up. I was going to open that car door. That could have been embarrassing.

Seriously look around the next time you're out and about. See how many silver cars there are. It's indecent.

Besides being silver all the cars these days look alike. See one car you've seen them all. They all look like a box on wheels.

Another thing wrong with these poor excuses for a car is you can't see out of the back of them. Important laws got passed and now you have to have head rests all across the back that block any view you would expect to have looking in your rear view mirror.

Pardon me for ranting. I just hate silver cars--and that actually is funny. My husband and I both have Passats, and you guessed it--they're both silver. They are absolutely identical and they're silver. We have joined the enemy.


Sören said...


you know what Henry Ford had to say about color choices for the Model "T" (They can have any color they want - as long as its black).

It is weird indeed that you would see so many silver cars. Nothing like it, here in Germany. Could it be, though, that this is some crazy California thing? Somehow silver reflects the sun better and is thus more engergy efficent b/c of reduced AC use?

Anyway, nice blog, keep the posts coming.


Heidi said...

So funny! In Texas it was all the maroon cars that drove me nuts! Maroon Grand Ams, everywhere you looked!

If it makes you feel better, my daughter almost opened the door of someone else's car that was the same color of ours. Which is neither silver nor maroons! :)

marsh to the fore said...

Soren, so nice to see your comment! As to silver being some weird California thing--that never occurred to me. We have got more than the usual number of really health conscious people in Berkeley--plus assorted weirdos of all kinds--and that's where I'm seeing the silver cars, so you may be right only maybe it's more of a Berkeley thing!

Heidi, in Texas it was all the Maroon Grand Ams? Really interesting. So maybe it is a California thing!

Heidi the Hick said...


We have... A SILVER CAR!

And so does my mother! And so does my sister!

(and we are not in Cali!)

Oh also, our silver car is a VW. I have heard that it's the most popular car colour in North America. I wanted red but the didn't make the wagon in that colour in 2003. Then I wanted blue but we all disliked the yellowish interior that came with it. Then I asked for black and apparently it's hard to keep clean. Bull! They all get dirty the same, you just see it more!

marsh to the fore said...

Oh that's funny Heidi! So I was right!

Maybe you wouldn't remember but I am right that silver was once a rare car color--so rare you were afraid to own one! My husband's brother-in-law had one and it was a real concern.

Kerri said...

A few years back we had silver cars and silver/glass/black furniture. And I missed color so much that I shudder when I see silver. Of course, our car isn't so flashy, dark grey, but hey, you have to try and avoid the police some way.

marsh to the fore said...

It would be interesting to find out how many silver cars are stolen these days compared to twenty years ago.

Dark grey sounds pretty good to me. My 85 BMW is dark grey and it is a stunner!

JKB said...

Marsh, what Kerri gorgot to say is that her silvercar is a PRIUS

*blink blink*

marsh to the fore said...

And she's not even from California!

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