Sunday, October 25, 2009

Untended Children Will Be Given a Double Espresso And A Free Puppy.

Untended children can be cute but oh my. I thought this restaurant's bar had a funny solution.
Who would want to have their child given a double
espresso and at the very same time--a puppy? Chaos would reign.

One of our group, next year, will join the number of us with children. We're so happy for you, Jen! I'm at the top of the heap having two sons over forty, but it is not always a good place to be because of the regrets. It is awesome being close to young women now bringing up their children. I wish I had done some things differently: first and foremost I wish I had fed my children in a more healthy way. Hot dogs and hamburgers and pizza are easy choices but not healthy ones. Would I change either of my sons, despite the sometimes harrowing things being a parent has brought? No and I doubt most parents would. It's like that ancient Greek story about being offered the chance to change your own set of problems for somebody else's. Most of us wouldn't change our lives, if given the choice.

Here you see my son, Glenn, pretending he's an astronaut. He took his three and a half year old son, Theo, (who now insists he's four) to the Discovery Museum in
Sauselito. My husband, Jerry, joined them and took this wonderful picture. He is a wonderful, imp like creature, my son. This picture picks up that imp like quality wonderfully. He has a way with children. Before he had his own, he and his wife, Wendy, were with some friends and their children on a day of driving to one spot or another. Glenn was in the front seat of the car (not driving, which turned out to be providential). A little girl in the back asked him what the little dark spot on the back of the neck was. (I'm sure he must have a mole back there although that's not a insight gained through observation). He said it was his "On and Off Button." That of course precipitated a whole series of pushing the On and Off Button which in turn precipitated a whole number of whole body collapses by Glenn and a whole series of howls from the children seated in the back.

I would hate to have had anyone give Glenn a double
espresso and a free puppy at any age, but at age four? That was the age he went tearing through our house, grinning that imp like grin, totally naked, in plain view of a host of our friends. One of my friends still remembers that exhibition with a bit of shock. I thought it was hilarious. He hasn't lost that wonderful, imp like quality and I hope he never does.


JKB said...

Thanks Marsh!

Well you know Loki'll be a crazy girl, if her parents and her parent's friends have anything to say about it! The crazier the merrier, I say!

LOL to Glenn. Somehow I can imagine him flashing everybody.

Kerri said...

Reading this post makes me appreciate Max and his age even more. Of course right now he's tearing through the house, chasing the cat w/ a bunch of yarn taped to paper. Creative little imp!

marsh to the fore said...

Right on, Jen!
Kerri, I love that image of Max tearing around the house after the cat.

Heidi the Hick said...

Great post! I love the On/Off button story!

It's kind of a relief to hear you say you have a couple of regrets, because I feel a little shamed when mothers say they have none. Heck, I have regrets. I regret not knowing where to find help when I needed it.

but I was at least wise enough to know when to soak in a beautiful moment and hang onto the memory of a smiling baby.

(Your title is so funny - my favourite bookstore has one like it in the kid's section!)

marsh to the fore said...

I can't believe any parent wouldn't have at least a few regrets. Heck, you can't live and not make a few mistakes!

Heidi, at least you knew you needed help. Some of us, (including me) just hung on doing the same old thing, not knowing they had a huge problem. It's wonderful hanging onto the memory of a smiling baby. I have very few of those, I'm afraid. Too frantic at the time.