Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'll Have to Ask You To Not Go Near The Baby's Head, Theo

Here you have our daughter-in-law, Wendy, and our grandson, Theo, at a Mexican restaurant we all found ourselves enjoying together recently. My husband, Jerry, took the picture with his iPhone. I'm going to assign him all future photographic jobs when the family gathers. I think it is an absolutely wonderful photograph.

Theo had just eaten a full paper container of jam; the remains of the jam are still on his face. The comment, which is repeated as the title of this blog piece, I heard over the phone a day or so later during a conversation I was having with Wendy. I envisioned truly horrible things happening to the baby's head and Wendy was so calm about it!

Well, things are often very different from what you imagine. It turns out when Theo goes near the baby's head he does it like this: first he hugs him and then he gives him a kiss. Maybe Wendy was afraid Theo would give the baby a cold or worse yet, the flu? A flu bug is again running rampant at Wild Horse and Glenn is the sufferer.

Wendy doesn't know what caused her comment but I think Theo was trying to kiss the baby. I'm just glad it wasn't close to what happened to me when our oldest was eighteen months old and Glenn a newborn. I was holding Glenn in the front seat and our oldest, Jeff, got miffed and hit me over the head with a whiffle bat. I may have the name of the bat slightly wrong; it's what a child uses to hit a light weight ball called a whiffle. It didn't hurt; I was just startled. Oh, the travails of being a parent!


Heidi Willis said...

Fun post, Marsh! And Wendy looks great! I can't believe she just had a baby not that long ago!

I love how you cherish these family moments and share them with us.

marsh to the fore said...

She is a wonderful, caring gal. We're very lucky to have her for a daughter-in-law. I've been amazed at how fast she's come back from giving birth too. She lost that tummy amazingly fast--amazing, given how large she was!

I love these moments--Theo with jam all over his face. What could be more endearing and how wonderful I can relive these moments on the blog!

Kerri said...

I love this post title! When Max was 2 1/2 he spit on a baby. Okay, he had never seen a baby up close before and didn't know what it was so figured he'd see how it reacted to some saliva. I can tell you how the baby's mom reacted. Too bad she was a pre-school mom. I've endured her glares for 2 years. But kids do strange things. That's what makes them so interesting and gives us stories to embarrass them with later.